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gondolaMódulos hidráulicos: They include Nicolas modules of French origin and Goldhofer modules of German origin. The main characteristic of these unit modules is that they can be grouped in lines of up to 4 modules. They can comprise four modules with 5 axle lines each or they can be interspersed arranging two modules of 5 axle lines plus two modules of 6 axle lines, resulting in formations of 20 axle lines (160 wheels or 22 axle lines; 176 wheels, respectively).


These formations allow transporting pieces with unit weight of 230 tons with 20 axle lines and of 260 tons with 22 axle lines in compliance with Argentinean Road rules. These weights are limited since road rules provide the transportation of overweight loads depending on the road traveled.



Likewise, pieces of excessive weight and length can be arranged in separate formations placing load distribution beams or gondolas on rotating plates located at the ends. In this case, loads transported can reach 600 tons. Additionally, its height can be modified by 0.85 and 1.40 m through the hydraulic circuit fed by an independent hydraulic pump-and-engine set. Rotating direction of axle lines can also be changed. Besides, this circuit allows leveling loads and absorbing shocks produced by uneven surfaces.

equiposhidráulico, alimentado por un sistema de moto-bombas hidrá

Distribution Beam or Gondola: Distribution beams or gondolas are devices designed for the purpose of transporting overdimensioned and extra-heavy loads with concentrated weights of 600 tons.

Mechanical TrailersCarretones mecánicos: The company has mechanical trailers which have 2, 3, and 4 axles with 12, 16, 24, and 32 wheels each one. When arranged with dolly, they allow transporting up to 80 tons in compliance with road rules.

Semi-Trailers: Semi-trailers have the characteristics typical of this type of equipment and they are suitable for transporting loads of up to 28 tons.


Truck Tractors:


Transapelt’s fleet is comprised of:

bscap0020NICOLAS – TRACTOMAS:French-origin trucks with Mercedes Benz 540 HP engine, ZF torque converter, and triple differential, which allows each of them pulling 500 tons with 8 inclination grades.

bscap0001TRUCKS: Renault Kerax 440 6x4; VOLVO NH 12 – 410 – IVECO STRALIS 380, 420 Mercedes Benz LS1634 – Renault Premium 440 Dxi.

Transapelt’s entire fleet has license to travel to Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Bolivia.-